1. younglordsf:

    The fag showed up ready for his hot jock ‘scene’. He’d paid an exorbitant amount to get the stud to show up in his gear and pose with his fat cock exposed. Everything seemed to go according to plan. That is, until the cocky Jock got the fag’s hand tied behind me and the bat came back out- it turned out it wasn’t just for show. The fag paid double the original amount to be let go…but not before he had a bruised ribcage and a prolapsed rectum from the bat fucking.

    The dumb cash fag already wants to be tricked again.

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  2. daddydawgs:


    This is the best thing I’ve seen all day


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  3. younglordsf:


    Testing his gag reflex

    love that look of terror in his eyes- gets me hard every god damn time

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  4. younglordsf:


    Far from being a Man, not even a male, he’s become just another faggot with holes available for Real Men to use whenever They want!!!

    why’d you let the fag pull off? if he has a lot of spit he needs to swallow it and keep taking my dick. and if he thinks he’s going to puke? well, the same fuckin rules apply!

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  5. gystff:

    he texts the fag “15” and the fag has 15 mins 2 arrive or he beats the faggots ass. the fag sucks him, swallows his sperm, then has 15 seconds 2 get out of the house, or he bitch slaps the faggot as hard as he can.

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  7. toineaunaturel:

    man from the past

    l’homme du temps passé

  8. centralflamaster:

    He will be doing more than sucking dick for beer by nights end… he will be bent over with a line forming behind him…

    Want more of what you see??? Follow me…


  9. slut-crusher:

    I’ve told you before and I’ll tell you again. You wear a skirt to my house you take my dick. No exceptions.

  10. slut-crusher:

    If you were half the man I am your wife’s cum wouldn’t be running down my balls right now.