1. hotcunts:

    This is for a very special FAG. He knows exactly who he is.

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    wish that this was me



    Piss Faggot


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  5. belfastcashmaster:

    Didn’t you say that public exposure always made you insanely horny and you had the best orgasms after? 

    Why aren’t you wanking then?

    That’s right faggot, because I wont let you.

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  8. pussyboytoy:

    It was kinda sketchy for me to bring him to our weekly poker game. After all, the other guys didn’t bring their girlfriends. Mine did technically have a cock though, so it was allowed. When he lost all his chips and had nothing left to gamble… well, we all took turns with his pussy. You know, to let him work off his debt. 

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  10. soderick:



    Ok, you can suck my cock. Just don’t make any noise, I’ll close my eyes and think of a hot girl blowing me, instead of a disgusting queer.


    Ok, te dejo que me la comas, pero no hagas un puto ruido. Voy a cerrar los ojos e imaginar que hay una tia buena mandandomela, en vez de un bujarra de mierda

    Wow- who is this dude? Hot

    soderick: Delicious!

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