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    Daddy loves his pussyboy.

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    Every night, dad would come to my room before going to sleep. He would strip me naked and rub his hands all over my hairless body. Then he would push me down on the bed saying “Princess! Daddy had a very long and tiring day today…make daddy happy” as he starts removing his own clothes. He would climb up on the bed, spread my cheeks and push his hard 8 inch thick uncut meat into my boy pussy.

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    When the boy is begging for more and he has no idea what fucked up shit you can do to him because he’s blindfolded, shove some fingers up his ass while you fuck him with your huge cock. 


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    "Oh shit!" I cried out as he tugged hard on my hair, using my head to leverage his hips up and down, forcefully pounding away at my ass.

    "Come on, babe, you know I don’t like it when your pretty lips swear," he said with a chuckle, his pace never wavering. "Now I gotta fuck you faster, you dirty little pussyboy."

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    ​”If you don’t have anything nice to post….come follow me!”


    Fuck yeah. Last night I had a fag bury his nose in my pubes but told him he couldn’t even lick my cock. He whimpered but of course obeyed and started breathing in my scent deeply.

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    You wanna feel like TRASH, surely you are treated like TRASH!

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